Kristie Prinz is a SaaS, Digital Health, technology, and IP business transactions lawyer in Silicon Valley,  who  has  been  providing  technical  IP  business  advice  to  early  stage start-ups and mid-market companies since 2000.  She practices at The Prinz Law Office, which is based in Silicon Valley.

Ms.  Prinz’s clients  are  primarily  in  the  software-as-a-service (“SaaS”),  technology, and digital heath/health  technology industries, although she her practice includes the life sciences industry, the IT industry, the publishing industry, and other technology industries.  Ms. Prinz generally advises her clients on transactions with  customers,  licensees/licensors,  resellers,  suppliers  &  distributors, business partners, and buyers/sellers. Ms. Prinz also has an IP practice, where she manages trademark portfolios, negotiates intellectual property licenses, and enforces intellectual property rights on behalf of clients, and a privacy law practice, where she advises clients on privacy compliance issues.

Ms. Prinz not only works with companies in Silicon Valley as well as other parts of California, but also in developing technology hubs across the U.S.

Ms. Prinz also has significant experience in handling international technology transactions and has represented many international clients in  overseas  markets  such  as  Canada,  Mexico,  Central America, Europe,  the United Kingdom,  Australia, and New Zealand.   Ms. Prinz also currently serves as local IP counsel for a boutique IP law firm based in Paris, France.

Prior to founding The Prinz Law Office, Ms. Prinz was employed by the Palo Alto office of the 120-year-old boutique intellectual property firm of Pennie & Edmonds, LLP.  She began her legal career in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ms. Prinz is a frequent speaker and media contributor on software, technology, and intellectual property law issues, and is the author of multiple blogs, including the Silicon Valley Software Law Blog and the Silicon Valley Digital Health Law Blog.  She also founded the Silicon Valley Software Advisors Group, which is a national networking group of business advisors who focus on the software and SaaS industries, and the Life Sciences Advisors Group, which is a national networking group of business advisors who focus on the life sciences industry.

Ms. Prinz is a member of the San Jose II Chapter of ProVisors and actively involved in the Business Section of the American Bar Association.  She graduated from Furman University and Vanderbilt Law School, and is licensed to practice law in the states of California and Georgia.