Life Sciences Advisors Group

Kristie is the founder of The Life Sciences Advisors Group, which she launched in 2022 and has a membership of more than 150 members across the United States. The Life Sciences Advisors Group is an invitation-only group of advisors, who provide professional services in the life sciences industries.  The criteria for membership is that members must have at least ten (10) years experience in their field, they must have an existing client base of life science company clients, and a significant portion of their business must be in the life sciences industry, which the group broadly defines to include biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, health care, digital health, health IT, and FDA.  The mission of the group is to create business development and referral opportunities among members.  The group is actively recruiting new members who fit the membership criteria and support the mission of the group.  To inquire about membership in the Life Sciences Advisors Group, please submit an inquiry below, or alternatively, inquire at this link.