Contemplating a Response to a Patent Troll? You May Want to Consider this Company’s Example

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If you are in the technology industry, then you are likely familiar with the concept of the "patent troll" and realize that it is almost inevitable your business will at some point be approached by one.  Patent troll demand letters have unfortunately become one of those business realities that every technology business just has to contend with. Once approached, of course, your company will find itself in the difficult position of having to decide whether to negotiate with the patent troll or to play the odds and take the litigation route.  The temptation, of course, is always to negotiate, since litigation comes with a tremendous amount of risk.  Even if you win, the costs to reach the win can be enormous. However, in the event you are tempted to "play the odds" and take on the patent troll,  you may want to consider this profile story of a Danish company that recently decided to make the same decision and just won in the Eastern District of Texas:

Videogame Mouse Firm Offers Lesson in How to Beat a Patent Troll

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