Should FTC Regulation Increase Over Commercial Use of Data?

Should the Federal Trade Commission be doing more to regulate how businesses are using consumer data? The LA Times just ran a column by David Lazarus where he took that position and argued that U.S. privacy laws should be more like European privacy laws, where there is a "right to be forgotten."   He makes a compelling argument that government has failed the American consumer in this regard, even though I could certainly make an argument as to why greater regulation over data collection practices in Europe is more necessary there than it is here.  In light of the fact that we have whole industries now based on the collection and sale of consumer data, I question if we as Americans really want government to interfere with business to such a degree?  As annoying as many data collection practices are currently to most consumers in the United States,  do we really want as a society a more activist FTC that exercises a much higher level of power over a well-established sector of the American economy?  It would perhaps cut down on the frequency of data breaches and the resulting consequences of those breaches, but could it also have unwanted effects?  It's an interesting series of questions to consider in the context of the LA Times column linked below:

FTC Falling Short in Protecting Customers' Data

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