Technology is Not Eliminating Need for Lawyers But Making Lawyers Work Smarter

Is technology making lawyers obsolete?  This was the question raised by John Markoff in a recent New York Times article.  However, it has been a favorite topic of discussion by consultants to our profession for some time.  While there is no question that the practice of law has changed tremendously since even I began practicing and technology has absolutely made it possible for attorneys to work faster, smarter, and with less overhead, technology has a long way to go to replace the skillset, value, and expertise that a skilled legal professional brings to the table.  I think it's safe to say that technology is making the practice of law more sophisticated and changing times are changing the demands upon our profession as well.  But eliminating the need for us altogether?  I personally don't think there is any danger of this so long as the business world continues to be run by people and not machines.  What do you think?  Check out The New York Times link below:

The End of Lawyers? Not So Fast

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