To Cut Legal Costs, Start With Taking a Hard Look at Your Business Partners

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If your business is like most, you currently work with one or more really difficult customers or clients, whether because you currently generate significant revenue from that customer or client or because you anticipate generating significant revenue from that customer or client in the future.  But is this really the right strategy for your business?  Not only do difficult business partners tend to put a significant amount of stress on a business organization and the workplace itself, but more importantly, from a legal perspective, they tend to significantly increase your legal costs--at all stages of the relationship.  When you are interacting with a difficult business partner, every new business project or opportunity you pursue together is going to require a more complex negotiation than you you would otherwise have, which may very well require the services of a business lawyer to assist with.  Then, after you begin working on the project or opportunity, you are at a significantly higher risk for the difficult business partner to default on the contract or its obligations generally.  Finally, you are at a much higher risk for the relationship to end in some sort of litigation or legal action.  With that perspective in mind, any business person would benefit from the advice provided by this Forbes article linked below:

Stop Letting Difficult Clients Ruin Your Business.

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